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Severin Kämpfer als 3D Modell
Ich als 3D Model | Grafik Fehler memory could not get reserved
Dein Handy ist kaputt? TSBern repariert es für dich! (Meine Empfehlung)
Dein Handy ist kaputt? TSBern repariert es für dich! (Meine Empfehlung)

Chance of Elysion - My first book

TRAPPIST-1 E is a new chance for humanity and scientists finally found a way how to reach that place. In Elysion town they build the first human colony outside of earths star-system. But shortly before arriving on TRAPPIST-1 E, they meet an old friend: Greed and Hate. There is an explosion on the colony ship and on the planet the colony is repeatedly attacked for no reason by traitors, the separatists. When the Separatists send an encrypted signal to Earth, the mayor of Elysion Town, Cooper, begins the rescue of the colony. Can humanity change or is this its nature? Cooper needs to rescue his daughter Sophie from the hands of the separatists and wants to keep her, as well as her little sister Shannon, from living under bad conditions.


I am so happy, that I was finally able to publish my first book.  It would be very cool if you would like to buy my book.

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ARKIT ERROR:  0x6000000d6b90 planeDetection=None

Time out - HDR

HDR Design Error If individual frames are too large, it may be that due to a memory can not be reserved error, it can happen that the subsequent frame has a very poor quality because there is not enough memory left for it. For example, you can see that in the 3D model of mine above. In the current Killjoys episode (Season 4 Episode 2) you can see the perfect solution to the problem: Although the video is in HDR but the dynamic usage is throttled. As an example, for example, could create a GIF that displays 100 frames per second. The normal frames would have HD quality and then you just create a single image, which is 400 mb in size, so the memory is overloaded. In order to avoid such graphics errors, one should reduce the movements in frames and, as on the GIF above, note that such graphics are broken down into sectors, so these sectors should be marked in the calculation of the frames if they contain no motion. Furthermore, it makes sense to choose a higher black or green value in HDR content, as they are more used due to filled preferences.

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