I hadn't been working at San Onofre for very long. Being straight out of college I figured I would take anything I could get, and well here I am. Being a typical Wednesday I got dressed in the standard plant attire and made my way to the “famous” San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Driving along the highway I watched the sun rise over its massive domes, who would have guessed that this place powered half the US. I managed my way through the halls and security where they do the usual scan of your stuff for bombs, hardly difficult to get by but they would find that out soon enough. Getting to the control panel I clocked in and switched with James, the previous shift operator. Sitting down I went through the regular checks and then pulled out my phone, 6:54 am. Now you see the one thing they don't understand is how vulnerable they are, I’ve got a city of 4 million only a couple miles away and a plant built on the concept of destruction. Grabbing my bag I poured out the exact 175 phones that were in it, each connected with a single piece of wire. They check for bombs, but they trust too much for everything else. Typing out a simple message I hit send, and within seconds every single phone pinged with a simple, yet all too scary message, “Stay hidden”. You see our good friend Onofre was a hermit, and for whatever reason they named this place after him; but regardless he’s someone who knew his place. Well I’m sending this whole god damn country back to the dark ages, so they better learn their place. I casually pulled out two cords, connecting each to the ending phone and then to the control panel. It’s really simple logic, a phone on its own doesn't have the power to override a system, but put enough of them together and you've got a circuit so powerful it could overthrow the government. We called it a zip-bomb, after all a simple zip drive could take down

the whole plant, all we needed was to hit send. Throwing on my hat and bag I rose and left, shutting the door on my way out. Walking down the blank and destitute hallways I got a call, picking up I was asked a simple question,
“Are we set?” asked a distorted voice,

“Let me get the hell out of here and you are set to send the zip-bomb” I replied, quickening my pace.
“Hope you are ready for the dark ages my boy, you've done some good work” the voice continued.

I simply chucked and hung up, guess I don't have a choice now, I bought myself a one way ticket to apocalypse and there is no emergency exit. Reaching my car I took one last look at the plant, who knew I would spend 4 years of my life studying these things only to overthrow one today. In a matter of minutes the whole thing would overload, the nuclear core would be exposed, and within minutes half the state would be covered in radiation. Quite literally shutting down the entire power grid and making most places uninhabitable for the next thousand years, literally a apocalypse. So as I drove alone the highway I picked up the phone, with the plant in the rear view mirror, I said, “Send the zip bomb”.

And with that the voice replied with a simple introduction, “Welcome to the apocalypse”.


This is a story. All connections to real persons, places or events are purely hypotethic.

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Diese beiden Fehler sind etwas ähnlich zu dem Text oben, bzw. zu einer Überlastung mit einer Zip-Bombe. Findest du den Zusammenhang?

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