Many Eyes Peering Into The Beautiful Hell

So, it would appear that your teacher has sent you on an assignment? To learn about my time bringing your ancestors into Proxima B from outer space?

Because you have become 15 years of age, Descendant, and because you are next in line to become the Captain of all the Proximan domes, I will tell you about where your ancestors originated 200 years ago.

I am sure you know where my name Aurora comes from? It comes from the aurorae that light the Arctic skies. It was meant to show the beauties of the possibility of habitation on any of the cosmic dust that showed itself in the green-and- blue atmospheric phenomenon. It does not just appear in the Proximan poles, but also the poles of Earth.

"Aurora, where is Earth?" you tell me.



Well, Descendant, it is where your ancestors came from. You look bewildered and silent, so I will explain your nation's origins to you.

You will behold in my many screens the unfolding of the history of the Proximan nation that you are not to tell any of your fellow Proximans. I can only tell you and your ancestors before you in order to prepare you should you encounter Earth's space- ships during your duration as Captain.



Du kannst verstehst etwas nicht? Dann nutze diesen Übersetzer.

Apollon, a sleeper-ship heading to alpha centauri
Apollon, a sleeper-ship heading to alpha centauri


System rebooting.
I was recovering the archival data saved within the 
Apollon database.
Recovering at 14%.
The chilled hibernations of the crew designated aboard the 
Apollon were decoagulating

and were retaining regular heartbeats and brain activity as displayed on my health meters, at the MRI recordings of their brains and the statics of their heartbeats being registered.

Recovering cryonic subjects at 59%.


I was designed by the science division of the space-navy of the Earth empire and the crew that were aboard my vessel were decorated members of the space-navy. Some of whom were veterans of repressions of Christian rebels, while others were scientists. Among their company, there were terraformers, mechanics, extraterrestrial signalers, water scavengers, and satellite broadcasters; boarded upon the Apollon and the fleet of terraforming crafts that lugged just behind, carrying the algaic cultures needed to photosynthesize any planet where which this ship lands.

Recovering laboratories at 9%.

The only way that time can be told was the space standard time. Traditionally, you were

told that time was told by the three suns that orbit around Proxima, but in space, time is calculated very differently. Rather, it is calculated based on the standard 24 hours adopted from your Earth predecessors. As I can see, one year passed since the departure of the Apollontowards the destination.

The subjects, who were clad in their grey jumpsuits, realized this great lapse in time, which is why they argue with each other. From one camera, they shouted and raised their flailing hands and observed the red giant they see before them.

"We're going to die before we reach Alpha Centauri!"




"There is no hope for rescue!"
"What will happen when the food runs out and the soil is no longer arable?!"
In another camera, the arguments reached a climax that involved one of the subjects

lifting a blaster to the side of his head.
Then, one of the grey-clad subjects with a dark ponytail and a regal badge on her breast-

pocket grabbed the blaster from behind and started shouting orders to the other subjects, who all provided her with open space and nodded at her commands. They scrambled and go to fixing the ship.

Captain Catherine Miller walks to the communication board and peers her dark eyes at the mirroring screen.

"Bordcomputer. I demand to know why we decryonicized too soon."

I provided her my best explanation alongside the images of the damages on the exterior and the inner mechanics of the Apollon. "The Apollon experienced an impact against an asteroid storm. The cryonic facilities, the RAM, and the shields have been compromised."

She slammed her fist against the wall. "God help us all." #



Peculiarly, against the expectations I deduced, there was one subject, Selina, your great- great-grandmother, who walked slowly from the cryonic bed and towards the window to view the red giant with such awe. There was a very light smile on her face. She was still very sad, since she appeared to pray, which is the practice taken from the Earth religion Christianity which you are most familiar with. Selina stood there for a long period of time. From the archives stored within my database, her thoughts yearned for a new home free from persecution (of course, I'm sure you know that it took many years for Christians and non- Christians on Proxima to settle their differences); and it was at this moment that I attempt to hypothesize.

Possibly she was mourning the fact that she may never live in her new home in Alpha Centauri? Or she hoped to find some other planet nearby or even dwell in Apollon as a new home?

Selina broke her prayer to glance at Captain Catherine Miller grabbing a suicidal crew member's blaster and demanding the crew be kept in order.

She nodded her head left to right and walked to the communication board and entered her creative database. She spoke to the communicator "Bordcomputer. I want to make a new file."

I responded "As requested, Selina Worldslight."

The document appeared on the screen and Selina narrated "The ticket bound for the Alpha Centauri colony. Was it really worth it? Did my father make a mistake when he gave this to me? Though I will say that the red giant outside looks beautiful. Looks beautiful to this beautiful hell."


From my surveillance cameras, the cryonic subjects appeared to quickly adapt to their

premature awakening. The children, who were brought aboard the Apollon to become the colonists with developing immune systems so they can adapt quickly to the artificial environments, were playing with the caretakers who were incorporated into the Apollon crew.

It would have taken 4.3 light-years for the Apollon to reach Alpha Centauri. Once there,



they would've reawakened and established a new colony that the American, Germanic, Slavic, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean Powers have attempted.


The camera that was plugged in the outside of the 
Apollon observes Selina tracing her

hands on the bumps and concaved damages. She appeared as a dark, floating figure in front of the red giant that was 2.6 million miles from the Apollon (according to my calculations). I remember Selina consistently explaining her self-sufficiency in her recordings, and as such, I have granted her access to the protective suit in order to examine the damages against the exterior.

She also found that the solar sails no longer reflect, as she could see that they were severely dented and some parts were torn off.

Selina motions the microphone strapped inside her helmet and tells the communication department "We have just encountered an asteroid storm."


The last time Severin had to judge whether or not to avoid an asteroid storm was to

determine what time and place they usually floated about. But this usually occurred when these asteroids were surrounded by heavenly bodies that had a gravitational pull that determined their directions. But here, the ship resided 65 light-years from their homeworld Earth.

He looked further out to see the accompanying terraforming ships having to put up protective shields that would only last as long as there was enough sun power available and nearby. It provided enough radiation to convert into energy used to power the stations, the propulsion, the communicators, the laboratories, and the terraforming implements; and it would create a new interstellar laser highway.

The starmap appeared to oscillate, but it was temporary as it wavered into darkness on top of the table. Severin looked at the center of the starmap to see if there were any disruptions in the core. Perhaps there was an outage? Or a virus?



Selina walked into the navigational room, in where she was in charge. At the age of 19, Selina exhibited prodigious intellect, who caught Kim Tun Suang's attention and officially enrolled her in Terry Academy. Her academic audit has been implemented into my database and it clearly showed how she was willing to participate in her professor's academic assistantships.

Who was Kim Tun Suang, you ask? Well, he was the ruler of Earth and often exerted his reign by doing as he pleased. One thing that did please him was extending his reign beyond Earth and into space.

Severin noted her arrival when he turned himself around and asked "How damaged is the Apollon?"

"Pretty severe. Though, it wouldn't place us in any danger any time soon."

She turned to Kane, who worked in calculating the predictions of where the interstellar laser highways would go and how many miles it would take to go there.

"Kane, how far are we from Alpha Centauri?"
He lifted his bald head "60.2 miles."
Severin remarked "I hope you understand that if this God of yours is all-loving, then we

would not be in the position to carve a colony for ourselves."



Selina smirked. "That is only because the paradise-nebula that He inhabits is beyond the view of observatories..."

"Then what the hell is he good for?"

Analyzing the creases that Selina exhibited on her face, of slightly contorting her mouth, I came to the conclusion based on the purple etchings within my biometric face scanner that she was trying to repress her outrage at Severin's comment against the God of Christianity. Now, I observed that Selina was smiling (falsely as I can deduce).

Based on the archival data on each of the cryonic subjects, Esther-Selina Worldslight was born in Switzerland to the dwindling population of Christians who continued to persist in spreading their faith beyond Earth and into the deepest stretches of space.

Selina hmphed "I would think that our Lord is good at making sure that you can fix this ship properly."

Severin remarked "If that's the case, then I would like to see more of His blessings right about now."

"Since when did you stop caring about Him?"

"Just like everyone else, I stopped caring when I figured out He doesn't exist and if he did He doesn't care. We are our own gods and our own devils. As far as I'm concerned, we have our own brand of succubi. One of whom is bothering me right about now."

Kane snickered at that remark. Selina made a comeback "We also have our own goblins as well."

Kane chuckled. Kane was friendly to everyone in the crew, but he did maintain his distance and focused more on his work.



Severin swore when the screwdriver slipped from the screw of one of my boards responsible for sending information to the crew members once they arrived in the colony. "I wish you would go back to Captain Miller to ask what your own duties are and leave me be."

"Obviously that would help."
"It would be more helpful than your moralizing."
"Because it's clear that 
I'm the one who is complaining about how God doesn't exist." I also uncovered her journal logs stored within the subjects' creative database. The

activities of the creative parts of the crew members' brains, including the parts that reserve memories, have been stored within this database. For Selina, she appeared to have been ardent in preserving Christianity by bringing it to Alpha Centauri. From her memories, she remembered being taught about the Puritans launching their mothership named Mayflowerand eventually landing upon an alien land which they named Plymouth.

Within her cryonic sleep, Selina remembered cajoling the captain to name the new settlement New Plymouth.

Within the archival database, simultaneously with Selina's memories, I stored a blood sample and fingerprint identification from her. She was 43% Swiss, 28% Dutch, 21% Assyrian, 4% Romansh, and 4% Other European. Selina was deeply passionate about Christianity upon remembering being told of the persecutions of the Assyrians for their Christian faith while living in the Arabic Powers. If you're interested in hearing more about the ethnic groups on Earth, you can read more about it in my archives.


Captain Miller and Selina examined the food and the seeds that have been preserved



alongside the subjects for the colonization.
Captain Miller looked at the crops that have been recently planted by the terraformers.

She queried my calculation on when they will start growing and I concluded it would take one week, which caused her to frown and crinkle of her eyebrows. "I was hoping that we did not hit any asteroid. Let alone a storm of them."

Selina said "I know other space-ships have encountered the same."

"And some of them never survived." This retort caused Captain Miller to not speak further and instead turned to the communicator.

"Bordcomputer. Bring Severin to me. I need his report." I reply "Command accepted."


Scanning all of the cameras in the 
Apollon, I found Severin sitting next to the cryonic bed

in where he slept. His hands clasped the cool handles of the door that contained him. Just beneath him are all of the books that he hoped to write, hoping to send them to Earth in order to teach people about space colonization and its successes and failures, which was as far as Severin himself was willing to divulge in his own creative database.

I sync into the audio portion of his room and announced "Severin. Please report to Captain Catherine Miller in the Food Storage Room."


I focused back to the Captain and Selina who engaged in conversation.

Catherine was hugging Selina and informed her "I only hope that your God is correct in this."

Selina responded "I know that he is correct."

She shrugged away Catherine's hug and asked "But what I don't understand is why was I made your third-in-command? I'm just a little girl."

Catherine lightly touched Selina's cheek "You know you are more than that. Even Kim Tun Suang thought so himself."

"But World Minister Suang hates Christians."

"He..." Catherine was unable to speak further. This is evident by the doubts she has about Kim Tun Suang's reign as Global Minister. "...Well, I would think that he wanted to appear good to his detractors..."

"If he isn't executing them."

"I. We don't have to worry about him anymore. Once we arrive in Alpha Centauri, we will be our own Ministers."


"We are nowhere near it!" Upon realizing that she shouted at her authority, Selina immediately bowed her head and said with a rasping voice "I don't know what to do, Captain."

"If we can get the Apollon fixed, we can use this red giant as fuel for a new stellaser highway."

It has been 15 days since the decryonicizing and Selina and Severin appeared to

assemble more closely together than they ever were before. According to one of my many eyes, they were located in the antechamber separating the rest of the Apollon from space. This was where they view the red giant.

Selina told Severin, "I know you don't believe hell exists, but I have described this as a



beautiful hell."
Severin glanced at her then at the red giant. "Are you referring to the red giant, or this

Selina smiled. "You could say that I referred to both."
"If that's the case, I'd be willing to burn with you."
If she continued to live in Earth, she would have been deeply offended by that

comment, as evidenced by her piety and her praises to God in her cryonic thoughts; but right now she laughed.

"This red giant is quite beautiful and hellish. If your God really did bring us here, that is only because this is my maidenliest star of the firmament."

"William Shakespeare?"
"Can you guess which play it comes from?"
Selina looked back at the red giant and could not answer which of William

Shakespeare's plays that phrase originated. Considering how it continues to be my instinct to answer any questions, I immediately responded "The History of King Lear, Act 1.2, Lines 125-6: I should have been that I am had the maidenliest star of the firmament twinkled

on my bastardy."


"Well you are quite the bastard alright!" Selina smiled.
"If that's the case, then I'd like to take you with composition and fierce quality." Selina chuckled. Considering how rowdy and rambunctuous you are, you would have

loved to spend time with your great-great-grandmother.
According to my records, Severin Jacobson was born in America. After graduating from

the Augmented Reality Department of the Garrett Academy with a Minor in Literature, the records appear to be obscured from that point, up until his recruitment into Earth's one of many attempted explorations into space.

Within the security room, Severin brought Selina to view the orders given by Captain

Miller in the log files. They both look forlorn.
"Bordcomputer, give me the order that Captain Catherine Miller declared on March 12,


I gave the res
ponse "Captain Catherine Miller ordered the coordinating of the

interstellar laser highway from the Sun to the the red giant."
Severin turned to Selina. "Notice how there isn't much elaboration."
Of course, Severin is aware that his own biography repeats the same lack of elaboration. Severin further explained "Upon looking at the encryption of this log file, I have found a

foreign implement that manipulated the identity of the sender. As it turns out, someone placed the order for Aurora to sail away from Alpha Centauri and towards an asteroid storm."

Selina's mouth dropped slightly. "So, there are people aboard that would endanger all of us? Including themselves?"

"It appear to be the case. And it would appear that Captain Miller would've been aware of it. Otherwise, she would've already launched an internal investigation already."

Selina shaked her head "No, we can't just blame the Captain for this." "Why not, Selina?! We nearly died and the Captain has to answer for this!" "No, the hacker should answer for this!"



"That is why we need the Captain to explain!"

Selina looked away. It is apparent to me that Selina had a very deep connection to Captain Miller, considering how she was her mentor who officially made her third-in-command just after graduating Terry Academy.

Just within hearing shot, I detected a plastic skull in Severin's study that was recording everything Severin and Selina were saying. Calculating my way to the source, I found Kane listening from the barracks.

From one camera to another, I saw Kane racing from the hallways to the Captain's main office.

Inside Captain Catherine Miller's office, Kane bowed his head upon looking at her hard

face quickly glance up from her examination of the reports of the Apollon damage.

He picked up his bald head. "Captain, I have received recordings of Severin Jacobson and

Selina Worldslight. They have been plotting to incarcerate you in the Apollon jail and take your place."

Kane replayed the sound recording from his hand-held, wireless recording device. Listening to it caused Captain Miller to frown.

"I know Selina personally. Not once did she or Severin mention taking me in."

"Well, they were arming themselves with blasters from the visual recording. Just ask Aurora."

Captain rushed to the communicator and looked at me. "Bordcomputer. Give me the visuals of the security room a few minutes ago."

I accepted her command and showed the footage of Severin and Selina arming themselves.

Captain Miller turned to Kane "I will need every armed passenger to follow my lead and apprehend these two. I don't intend on killing them, but I do intend on holding them in the jail."


As soon as Severin and Selina saw the band of armed passengers follow Captain Miller

through the hallways, they were distraught and were walking and glancing at many directions around them.

Severin and Selina found themselves in room containing the cryo-pools, which were

decryonicized much quicker than the passengers. It was because the fish have smaller bodies than humans. These were the very same species that you find in the reconstructed ponds. The two escaped passengers saw the layering artificial ponds that thrived with the plants that grow within them.

"Not so fast." Severin and Selina turned to find Captain Miller's blaster pointed at them, with the nozzle aiming at one then the other. "Come up to the lobby."


Severin and Selina, seeing how even if they try to escape it will only result in one of them getting killed, agreed to follow Captain Miller upstairs. They walk sombly towards the lobby.

Once they found themselves in the lobby, Captain Miller went to the communicator to

announce to the searching party. "All who are aboard the Apollon. Please report to the lobby


for an important message..."
Captain Miller grabbed the side of her head and groans as she slowly sat upon a chair.

She writhed in pain, which made Selina and Severin walk up to her and attend to her.
"There's a brain chip," Selina deducted. "I would know because that was...that was how

my father died."
She clutched Captain Miller's arm "Captain, we need to get it out."
"Not yet. I already made this emergency meeting."
"It doesn't matter! Suang could be hearing it!" Selina pulled the Captain's arm.
"It can't be done."
"Yes it can! You aren't his pawn anymore!"
Captain Miller grabbed Selina's hand and pulled it away.
The entire crew stomped towards the Captain and Selina. The crew looked with blank

faces at Captain Miller.

One of the members of the search party announced "If we're landed next to this red

giant, then it would mean that we are light-years away from Alpha Centauri."
Another member said "And what's stopping us from executing you on the spot?" Captain Miller shouted "You will do no such thing!"
Severin then mentioned to the party "If you do that, then you are killing a fraction of the

"What colony?! Why should we bother working on it when our space-naval authorities

aren't even communicating us?!"
Selina came forward. "This isn't about the authorities, but about the entire human

"A human race that is more concerned with abusing each other. Restoring Earth's

prosperity," one of the crew members recalled the motto from Kim Tun Suang's reign over the Earth when the Apollon launched for the destination. "As far as I'm concerned, Earth doesn't even deserve its prosperity."

"Don't you say that!" Captain Miller exclaimed, but then she walks backwards slowly and is silent.

Selina looks like she wants to defend Captain Miller, or as humans would call "save face," by stepping in front of her and saying "What she means is that it's not just Earth, but this new colony that should be prosperous."

This completely contradicted what Selina has told in her journal logs. She wanted to preserve Earth's heritage by bringing it to the Alpha Centauri system. There was cacophonous sadness within her dreaming thoughts at the idea of no longer continuing her reputation as a light to the world when she will never see her relations again.


"You Christians don't even believe that anything in this life even matters! So what gives you the right to tell us what is no longer relevant?!"

In the boiler room, I can see that a group of the crew members, including Kane, have

congregated around Bernard, the keeper of the weapons storage and Captain Miller's second- in-command. They sit on the benches and listen intently to him as he talks in a repressed yet distressed tone.

"Shoot any who stands in the way."


One of the crew members glanced at the other crew members and at Bernard and said "But will we risk having the entire crew kill us?"

Bernard said "We are already dead as far as I can tell. There is no way we will ever reach Alpha Centauri."

There is a brief silence.


Bernard continued. "Captain Miller was the one who ordered the Apollon to fly into that asteroid storm and that is proof enough that she is not worth being Captain."

So far there is no order by Captain Miller to attack. #

In the lobby camera, I find that the controversy between Captain Miller and the rest of the crew continues, but the arguments weren't as intense as they were when they started. I can tell this, since there was barely any movement and some have decided to sit down any nearby seats that hovered around them.

Captain Miller saw Bernard and his band come into view.

"Aurora, open fire on Berna...!" A blood-sizzling hole appears on Captain Miller's chest and exposes her organs. Blood comes out of her mouth as she falls to the ground.

Selina attempts to block Bernard's blaster, but Severin jumps in front and grabs it away from him, but not before he shoots Severin's shoulder.

One of my laser-arm fires at Bernard and his mutineers with perfect accuracy. #

During Captain Miller's autopsy, I program the surgical robots to operate on her brain to find an implanted chip, specifically in the decision-making part of her brain. This may have influenced her decision to not fly the space ship to Alpha Centauri.

Selina and the caretakers were comforting the children who were shouting and crying

who were immediately brought to the escape ship. There were many children that were hugging her, so much so that there wasn't enough space.

As soon as the escape ship and the remaining autonomous ships evacuated from the

destroyed remains of the Apollon, Selina looked around her and saw that all of the passengers that lived were boarded. She went into the dining room, the lobby, the antechamber, the pilot room, the boiler room, the resting rooms, and the information center to be assured. I followed her every move as I was taken from the Apollon's computer and placed into the Apollon II's. Just like the mothership, there were many cameras that provided me with enough surveillance.

Since the infirmary was the last place she didn't check, Selina walked over there, but the panic that was shown on her focused, still face slowly became more distorted.

She found her love, Severin, just recovering from the blaster wound. There was a bandage strapped around his chest and shoulder blades. He could barely move and could only look at Selina.




This was another reason why only a select few Proximans are shown this footage. I was programmed by Selina herself to not disclose any harmful information.

Selina asked "Why were you spying for the dictator?"

He answered: "I was not spying for the dictator, I knew that there are some bad people on board, that are working for the dictator, so I've decided to help Kane to destroy this ship, because I don't want that dictator is going to get power on this last free place, for humanity. But I failed and maybe I am a bad person.

Selina hmped. "Maybe God is watching over you."

"Kane had the possibility to send the course to the dictator, so he now knows, how to get here."

Selina said: "But why, these people were innocent, why didn't you stop Kane? I don't beliefe you."

<error. exception>

Severin snarled. "What does it matter anymore?"
"What happened to your poetic intellectualism?"
"It died, Christian," Severin croaked. "It was executed by Kim Tun Suang himself. At this

point, I don't care if I die. It's just not going to get any better, because now, are last homestead, is destroyed."
Selina tried to swallow her tears while laying her hand on Severin's hand. "We'll think of

something. We'll go to Alpha Centauri."
Selina turned to the screen just opposite of her. "Bordcomputer. Delete your recording

of this room."
I answered "Are you sure? You might encounter reprecussions should you continue...?" "I don't care. I am the new Captain now."
Selina always mentioned in her creative database about being "Miller's third-in-

"Command accepted."

Two hundred years later, your nation has thrived from this planet. You remain ignorant

of your Earth origins, as the files have been kept under confidential security and can only be accessed by any of the Captains of the colony, which you are in line of becoming.

Upon living within the domed cities that dot Proxima B, Selina and Severin spend twenty years building a colony and a family.

My applications and structure have been converted into the Apollon Library of New Plymouth.

For the dome where I retire, the artificial sky above me converts the radiation from the suns into oxygen, which enables the humans to live in New Plymouth as well as all of the other domes.

The images that Severin and Selina have photographed have been uploaded into my creative database. In a lot of them, they appeared happy, standing next to the construction of the recently terraformed mountains. In others, they wore their protective explorative suits in the barren Proximo B landscape with the lens on their camera being radiation-resistant. They travailed through this inhospitable terrain.



The way Selina looked in the pictures and videos was different from the Selina who came into the former ship.

Alongside being the guide and the librarian, I also provided counsel to Selina and to the colonists. When comparing to the rest of the colonists and their first-generation Proximans, I concluded that Selina was the most frequent user of the creative database. She discussed her dreams, fears, ambitions, joy, humor, and memories of her life as an Earth Christian, as a crew member, and as a Proximan.

However, one two-sunned day, Selina walked into the library with tears in her eyes. She told me all about her suspicions of Severin. Not for the things he might be doing, but the things he might've done. She wondered what atrocities he committed under Suang's command and whether they influenced his demeanor afterwards. She saw no sign of this when raising their four children (one of which is your ancestor), but she remained skeptic.


She remained skeptic until the time of her and Severin's death. #


ERROR: File integrity has been compromised, file manipulation has been detected.




I see that you are dressing yourself in your protective suit and equipping one of my cameras with protective lenses that block out brightness and radiation. You take us outside of the multi-layered dome and ride the hover-rover.

You drive me to one of the hills that is the site of the right view of the three suns appearing at the same time.

I watch the two white stars and one orange, and scanned below at the craggy landscape that they governed. Within the distance there were many domes that were connected to each other through domed highways.

I beheld this beautiful hell.

Its your job, to discover the truth.

A beautiful hell
A beautiful hell

This story has been created in cooperation with artisticbob91. All persons in this story are fictional, any potential connections to real people are random. And I also want to say, that I`m (Severin) not the same like the Severin from the story, I may not support all his values and his view to the world, where he/we live/s in. The real Severin (me) actually believes in god and is absolutely friendly :) .


Thanks for reading it, thanks to artisticbob91 who gave me the opportunity to tell such a cool story and thanks to my mom, she gave me good critics and tips for this story.

So what happened really?

The spaceship Apollon was hacked by Kane, a spy of the dictator of the world (Kim Tung Suang) and thus brought on a collision course with the meteor shower. When colliding with the meteorites, Apollo's shield became unstable and Aurora had to do a lot of calculations to keep the ship from being hit. Just as Kane envisioned, these many calculations, in combination with Kane's surveillance troyan, caused a computer crash and a memory could not be reserved. Kim Tung Suang is a power-hungry dictator and dictators fear hope, because she is the strongest weapon of man. And this mission simulates the hope of escaping the regime. The dictator therefore has something against Christians because their religion gives them hope. Taking the example of Kim Jong Un, it is striking that this also has a problem with hope, after all, religion is banned in North Korea. The captain actually has a chip head, but she did not know about it. The chip was used by Kane to hear what she hears and to monitor her. Kane's job would have been to fly to Alpha Centauri and destroy the ship there so that he could at least send the star charts to the dictator and Severin was a thorn in the side of the plan, so he manipulated them Log data of Apollo and causes a conflict between the crew, Severin, Selina and the Captain. Kane's plan fails because the captain dies and throws Severin Bernard's weapon away. Dannach is missing a piece because Kane prevented the recording of unpleasant facts. At the point where error exception stands, Severin Selina has stated that the dictator wants to claim the planet for herself and has also explained to her how the dictator has infiltrated the spy. After the death of Selina and Severin, the dictator found the last survivors, the colony, taking advantage of the situation that Selina and Severin did not tell their children about their lordship. He had the log files manipulated by the on-board computer so that it looks like Severin convinced Selina that he had done no harm, even though he had done that. Finally, the on-board computer noticed the manipulation because there was still a cache file containing parts of the deleted area. As the computer tells the story, the dictator has seized power over the planet, and now it is up to the Aurora listener to find out the truth.

How realistic is this?

Basically, we can say that we are still a long way from making a flight to Alpha Centauri, but we are already well advanced in the refrigeration technology. So today we can put organs on ice and conserve them for a long time. If we manage to control human metabolism, that is, to interrupt it, then, according to many scientists, nothing much stands in the way, for a long beauty sleep! :)

There are meteor showers, but they are very rare. For manipulation of the data:

Technically, everything is possible. Today we live in a time of fake news and with the story I want to show that you should not believe everything and think for yourself. Because the girl who heard the log files might not start a revolution. A beautiful hell, that is, we can make ourselves beautiful, even in hell.

Why did you choose christians?

You are the lights of the world, is a part of an speech, that Jesus hold on an mountain. And I think we are. We need to build are own world and if we light it up, the light will shine for all of us. Jesus lived, died and lived again. And in christianity people believe, that thanks to his resurrection, we may all live again - Wich is an message that contains a lot of hope.


Please don't take me wrong, im not religious but I can see, that we are living in a time, where people and yes even religions are hiding their face and if we don't stop that, we may loose our personality - And this is what bad people want and I just want to remind everyone, that you don't have to tolerate, that society says to you, that you have to hide your own personality, because thats, what some people are making. Because if our society once loses its face, it won't be able to get it back and the remaining people that are still keeping their face, will get problems, for keeping it.

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  • #1

    spaceflyer99 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:27)

    This story is so good, I was crying. Its so poetic......

  • #2

    StarChild (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:31)

    I love space and since fiction. And actually I can say, that this story is just why I love science fiction. Because science-fiction makes you think about something and the message of this story is really important.

  • #3

    Christa2843 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:33)

    OMG! Il hope that Severin is going to marry selina......

  • #4

    lol284 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:34)


  • #5

    Kindra (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:35)

    RAM Could not be reserved.....

  • #6

    Sebastian (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:36)

    Hä, irgendwie kapiere ich die Geschichte nicht.......

  • #7

    Ellie (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:36)

    Anyone can create a light and can benefit from it.

  • #8

    Bigstar2832 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:41)

    That with the crash because of the overuse is logic in short time but not in long term.

  • #9

    Boby (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:42)

    "It died, Christian," Severin croaked. "It was executed by Kim Tun Suang himself. At this
    point, I don't care if I die. It's just not going to get any better, because now, are last homestead, is destroyed." I hope that this is not going to happen today, we need to protect our values!

  • #10

    Marcus (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:43)

    Amazing story. Are you an author?

  • #11

    lim (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:43)

    This story is crap, it doesn`t make any sense.....

  • #12

    Mya (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:45)

    Hi Sevi! Wahnsinnig schöni und truurigi Gschicht. Ig finde``s sehr idrückläch was alles passiere cha, we mä öppis zensiert. Das mit dem Computer isch Wahnsinn. Ig muess aber zuegä dass ig nid alles verstande ha und deshalb dr Übersetzer brucht ha.

  • #13

    0101001��� (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:46)

    Cette extraordinaire.

  • #14

    Arrtu (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:48)

    Tämä tarina on todella runollinen ja mielestäni vaikuttava, että tarina on kirjoittanut 17-vuotias. Suomessa voimme aina nähdä tähdet erittäin hyvin, ja minä aina uneksin matkustaa siellä kerran.

  • #15

    Khaled Ahmed (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:48)

    Wow, amazing story!

  • #16

    مراقب القمر (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:50)

    سحر الشعر جيشتشيت.

  • #17

    Trek2883 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:51)

    Si hoy hubiera una oportunidad para entrar en un barco durmiente, lo usaría. Gracias por esta historia muy poética.

  • #18

    SienceFictionLover24 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:52)

    Thats even better than passengers.......

  • #19

    Jasmin (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:53)

    But how was this data damaged? With an virus or what?

  • #20

    398u03hda (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 22:53)


  • #21

    Gina (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 23:33)

    Amazing Story with an amazing title.

  • #22

    Ceasar (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 23:35)

    Seeing the ships crash and the error logs would be so cool. It would be nice to see this as an movie.

  • #23

    RedGiant135 (Dienstag, 05 Juni 2018 23:51)

    The story is really cool and not to long. The research was well done and I love the characters, especially Selina. I just love, that she is showing who she is. I think that the RAM Error has been caused by the problem that you have already described in the RAM and your Mac article. As sudo purge and some cache resets, aswell as a new shield should have made the ship movable again� But that’s sounding easier than it is. I have already contacted the KKTVCAM question because if wanted to now, how there could be data in a cache. The support is really friendl.

  • #24

    $lolam (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 00:06)

    The RAMmed together..... I love this story. From that would I read, I would love to have Selina as my girlfriend.

  • #25

    Derrick Tolbert (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:23)

    I almost cried, because the end is so sad. Selina is so poetic and I would love, to here more about her relationship with Severin.

  • #26

    Henry McAllister (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:25)

    Das ist eine wahnsinnig gute Geschichte! Allerdings etwas schwierig zum lesen.....

  • #27

    William Schmitz (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:33)

    Its so cool that you integrated that ram problem.

  • #28

    Jessica Marker (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:37)

    I would love to fly to alpha centauri.

  • #29

    Rabeya Sultana (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:39)

    You are a dreamer.

  • #30

    Jim Hoggan (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:43)

    That's a awesome article that you posted.

  • #31

    Stuart M. Green (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:46)

    Tolles Thema und tolle Beschreibung, jeder kann sein Wissen erweitern.

  • #32

    Debbie D. Tipton (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:49)

    Ihr Artikel ist wirklich nett, aber einige Inhalte sind etwas schwierig.

  • #33

    David B. Carman (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 05:56)

    Your Space-navy design is very nice. That's a awesome looking.

  • #34

    Lora (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 07:14)

    Rndm acs. Amazinb story.

  • #35

    Julliete (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 07:18)

    The story is good, but I don’t think that an could Not reserved error, could really cause an system crash.

  • #36

    Severin Kämpfer [ADMIN] (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 07:26)

    Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading the story. Reload the RAM....

  • #37

    Mona82€;‘ (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 10:08)

    This is a really coo stori.

  • #38

    Douglas Brunner (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 17:56)

    It is very nice and good topic is posted. you also placed on bordcomputer's history. great.

  • #39

    Ellen Pollock (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 17:58)

    You are very active for your site and you always posted latest article.

  • #40

    Luisa Andrews (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:18)

    That's a very impressive. I will follow your next article for learning unread knowledge.

  • #41

    Sharon McClain (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:22)

    we are very glad that we got this post. great your idea about this topic. thank you for share with us.

  • #42

    Aimone Ricci (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:25)

    I saw this picture on planet. it's looking very nice. like gaming planet lol.

  • #43

    Veneranda Lo Duca (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:28)

    It is very long article. i think your next will be article is sort.

  • #44

    Ye Yuan (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:31)

    wow that's a good topic. i like this type article but sometime i cannot find good explanation. Thank you again.

  • #45

    Na Tang (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:33)

    It is a perfect time for me. I was searching about it but cannot get good explanation.

  • #46

    Riley Clune (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:34)

    I will share your post on my social site. Because my some friend told me a wrong information about this planet. Thank you for this information.

  • #47

    Flynn Elder (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 18:37)

    Great you use easy word for understand everyone. I am not a good for English but i can read this post.

  • #48

    ���� (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 20:51)

    What does it matter anymore? The universe will also exist without us. Cool story, but it would be better, if you would describe the ship a little bit more.

  • #49

    MilkyWay Surfer (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 22:53)

    This story reminds me of nightflyers. But this story is even better, as it also integrates the computer problem (unix) and the love between Severin and Selina. I like the fact, that the story is told by an ai.

  • #50

    Dr. Yo (Donnerstag, 07 Juni 2018 07:46)

    That article actually has an error in it: First, there should be no activity, that could be visible in the mri and the crash should happen, immediately. But the story is good.

  • #51

    Gins28371 (Freitag, 08 Juni 2018 10:30)


  • #52

    Amélie (Samstag, 09 Juni 2018 11:52)

    That story is really good. Could have also happened because of an software bug. Maybe a file inclusion?

  • #53

    Michael (Montag, 11 Juni 2018 00:17)

    Awesome story. So beautiful. Like the laser was fireing on all of the asteroids and there was not enough ram, so the computer wasn’t able to calculate all of the fires that would have been needed to defeat the asteorid shower.

  • #54

    Brian (Mittwoch, 20 Juni 2018 23:11)

    I could cry. This story is so good....... Well the logs should show an nsurserdefault exception...

  • #55

    Sandra (Montag, 25 Juni 2018 13:48)

    Great story.

  • #56

    Rub (Sonntag, 16 Dezember 2018 00:43)

    This story is . amazing.l

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