Resolute - A horror story about a terrorist hacker group

A horror story about cyber security in hospitals and about cyber-terror.

Hey, I am Jason. I work at Newark police Station as a policeman. I am here to tell you a story which significantly impacted my life in my early 30’s. 

It all started in last summer when I just got shifted to Newark new jersey. I was with my son harris who just entered in his teenage and I tell you he is a hell a geek with computers. I don’t know how these kids do understand this so called assembly language of computer so easily. Working on gadgets is one thing he always been so passionate about and spends most of my earnings in it. Damm you harris. But I love him a lot like you do and every other father in this whole universe to their son. And I want him to be safe and happy. After his mother passed, it’s me who try to fulfil both responsibilities. I hope I am doing good.

 Harris and me settled here well and everything went smooth. He was enjoying the school, and his new friends. One morning, we started up as usual, I prepared him and his lunchbox for his school. We got ready, I took my car, and started leaving to school. Suddenly


I saw a person in black mask hiding behind a building and starring at us. I stopped the car and went to see him. But he was gone till then. I came back to harris and he said, “dad while you were behind the building there was another person in same black mask who checked our car. I shouted at him and he also ran away”. I was confused, I dropped harris to school and went to my office. I tried to ask other inspectors about the person in black mask but no one was having any idea. I watched the cctv footage, but it was also unable to capture it properly.


Well then I moved ahead to carry on daily patrolling. There was incident reported 20miles away from the town. My partner fixed the destination in GPS system and we went ahead when suddenly GPS started showing abrupt directions and suddenly it stopped, we thought there might be some technical fault and we wend ahead to the crime scene as we already knew the place. At the crime scene, a Richie rich with his Lamborghini was lying fainted. He was badly hurt. When he came back to his senses he reported that there was something bad happening with all the electronic components of the car.


His fuselage tank opened itself and all the fuel leaked out of it until his car stopped. His GPS navigation also went off like ours and his back seat opened itself until a person in black mask came and hit him. The bad news was there was 1million dollar in a bag in his back seat. And that was stolen. This much information and he fainted back again. We took him to the town and admitted in a hospital. And there we got to know that he was the son of a leading businessman of the town and that money was for the party campaign of the ruling party as elections were very near. Surely, we don’t know how that happened but one thing was pretty sure that it was well planned and someone has full prior knowledge of the money. When the car went to investigation, a small rounded information technology thing containing some IC and motherboard in it as explained to us by the specialist was found which could break the security features of car and can be used to control the car remotely. In short his car was HACKED!!!! 1


I suddenly ran away to my car and checked around it and I found the same rounded thing. And it was clear that someone don’t want us to find that Richie rich, basically our car was hacked too. But for me real pissing thing was, how these black masked people predicted that it was me who was going to that crime scene and they attached that hacking thing in my car at the morning much before the incident actually happened. Surely someone already had full details of the areas we were about to given for patrolling. Well the case was forwarded to cybercrime department.


I had always hated these  silicon ,transistor, server and diode things. I never understood them in my 12th and neither do I want too even though I know how important they are in today’s world. It astonishes me how harris is so good in it. It’s like he is a very sharp minded like his mother. While I used to struggle a lot in making a matrix program in C++ in my 12th class, he used to make lot of complex games in C++ programming in his 6th grade. I must start saving money, guess he surely would be dreaming of becoming a computer science engineer. 


mdWorker (security) has been interrupted.
Impoting worker has been interrupted.

Harris comes back from school by himself as I come back late at around 8pm to home from work and sometimes I get caught up in unexpected things but school is hardly 2 miles away from home, so there was no issue. After a week of the incident, harris principle called me and asked me where harris is from last one week. I was moved by his question and I replied to him that I drop him daily at the school gate. He said harris is absent from last one week. And I said what!!! I searched him at every place I can but he was nowhere.

I came back home. I waited for him to come at time when I used to come daily at 8 pm. And by 7:30 pm he was home. I hugged him and I cried and slapped him too. He was very afraid to see me at home. I asked him where you were, he replied at school and then went to davis( his friend) to complete homework. But by the time he finished saying this he already realised that I know he is telling lie. He started crying and confessed that he was not there in school from last one week. I enquired him and the things he told me shaked me like hell. You won’t believe that those black masked people and those silicon things were back in my life but this time they had chosen the wrong way to reach me.


I love my son and they are gonna pay for it. I took my car and took harris out of town to his aunt and came back next morning. I didn’t informed police headquarters as I already knew a black sheep is there in my department after the GPS thing happened. I went to harris school where I expected to find a bee of that big honeycomb. And that was harris computer teacher. Harris told me that his computer teacher was having an eye on him from the time he won cyber Olympiad. From that time he used give harris lot of programs asking harris to consider it as a hypothetical situation and it’s a test. Harris would complete it within no time considering it as a challenge. But that poor boy of mine never knew that those hypothetical situations were all for real. I asked about the computer teacher but got to know that he is not present today. Surely, he would have known that I know everything from harris now. I went to his address but it was a locked door. I got a very short call at that moment and someone said “u stay out of it, we will not harm your child”. There were no cameras out there and I wondered “are they really watching my everystep”. But I was worried for my child.


And I knew it won’t be much safer from him to stay out of town also. I went back to harris, took him back to new jersey and then in my department metal detactors, I made sure that we do not have any transmitter under our skin. I broke his cellphone and took a public transport and took him far off to Indiana. I have a very old friend out there and harris likes that place a lot.

 I came back to Newark. The first thing I did was I mailed about the hackers and the incident to every official in the government as I don’t know whom to trust and was hoping that I ‘ll get help from those who are loyal. But, none of my mail went.2 I created another mail id and send the mails but the result was same. I tried it to do it with a cyber café with other mail id but still I ended up with nothing. I was frustrated, how the hell they can hack everything. I tried to call every higher official I could but my calls either became dead or gets passed to some other place. I really got frustrated. I stood at my chair and shouted “who the hell are you, come in front if you have the guts”. Everyone was staring at me and then I starting yelling the things to everyone in the department about the incident. But as I started, a call came to department telling that Richie rich in the hospital is dead and there is a wrath of his father waiting for us. Most of the policemen went to the hospital where they got to know that there was a sudden drop in oxygen supply with no one coming out and going into the room of Richie rich. And I received a message from unknown number saying “the more you tell to people the more you put them in danger, we owe to your son a lot and that’s why we haven’t harmed you yet but that won’t be case forever, don’t you want to keep you and your son safe”, and that message itself got deleted as was expected. I sat aside, thinking what to do and I ended up with decision to take care of my son only. But that burden was huge and that night too.


Next day I wake up, there was a person at my door with black hat and dark brown jacket. He said “I am there to help, I know what you are going through and wants to take you to a safe place, and then he showed me a batch of FBI cyber division. I went with him even though I doubted him. But it was the only chance for me to know the truth. He closed my eyes and kept my cell phone. Meanwhile he told me that I am not the only person getting threatened. He also told me that my son is safe and no one can contact him and we have an eye on him. I asked him if they are so much into the things then why they haven’t saved the Richie rich guy. He replied there were political reasons which he said cannot comment upon. After an hour of ride, we ended at a place which looks like made out of a cave or something. But there were computers computers and computers and yeahh their operators too. I hated that place. Then came their chief. He smiled at me and said “well tried friend”. I asked him how I can be sure that you are the good guys even though I knew they were. He said yes we are otherwise you would have been dead till now. We laughed at each other. He told me “your son is a genius” and me with gliterring eyes said “yes I know”. But he said that his genius was used by some bad guys. They made him hack a very secured hospital and played with lot of lives. I said what!!! I mean why. He said, your son writes the program in a very special way, his algorithms are very different from the way we think and so do those bad people. And your son’s computer teacher spotted it and used it for his purpose. I told him that my son told me that his teacher bluffed him by telling there is a international cyber Olympics happening and it’s very secret and that’s why he started bunking the school. He also told me that there are lot of people of different ages, caste and colour, some are of his age and other much older than him and all were making programs. The chief replied only your son was making program but others were breaking the programs, they all were hacking different computers, doing small small crimes like transaction of money, phishing, spoofing, creating and spreading malware and much more. That’s how this hacking world works. I asked them if you know so much about it then why don’t you stop them.


He said we do, we have arrested lot of groups but it’s very big organisation, a multi-billion company today, they create malware and people buy antiviruses, antivirus companies pay them to make more malware and this keeps on rolling, there are many organisations which pay them to get their competitors ruined.  It’s the same like pharmaceutical company-  first widespread disease and then its antidote, and also like the arms industry-first create wars and then provide with dangerous weaponry. Our world works like this now and will remain. I asked him why they hacked the hospital and used my son. What was so special about it. why was it so difficult to hack a hospital and why only my son can do it. He said, your son is having a great mind, but he wasn’t only the one who could do it, of course there lot of great minds but all those big hackers, I would say unethical hackers were already on our target. Every time something big has to happen they have brought some new mind and apparently, they found your son. And we were not aware about him until everything happened. That hospital was secured by my own people, I would say some of the best minds we have. And your son somehow managed to beat them all (he smiled and me too). I asked him what was there in that hospital. He paused and said the PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This time I could not even say WHAT!!! I knew my son was in some real shit. I asked him is he safe now. He asked who, your son or our president. And then he himself replied yes both of them. Even though the person who dummied as a president was killed. I said what!!.. dummied. He said yes. We dummied other person as our president because we knew he was having some threat. Suddenly, a man at the chief’s back hanging gun on his head said you moron you tricked us. 3


Chief smiled and said to me the black sheep was not only in your department brother he was here too and then chief’s people shot that man down. Everything happened in a fraction of second. Chief said thank you to me for finding that black sheep in our department. I said I had no idea what was going on. He replied I was telling you all this because I knew we were being listened and one of my man is with them, I have to find him and that’s why I told you some top-secret things. I was feeling happy as well as bad. Good, for being able to come to help for my country and bad because I was the bait huh. We came out of that bunker or cave whatsoever it was. And at the end I saw my son harris standing. I ran towards him hugged him..ohh I love you my son and I am proud of you that you went ahead of the best minds of the country and then I slapped him and told to not bunk your school without telling me. Chief said to my son that u have way to go son, you are pretty damm smart in doing your business but just be smarter in selecting the people you work with. Go ahead and enjoy your life. Harris went on playing with some toys given to him by chief. I asked chief is there any further danger to us.


He said we will take care of you and your son from here. All the toys and even harris himself is equipped with a undetectable tracer, we will be with him all the time now and even he won’t get to know this. I got a relief on my face after a long time. Chief wrapped our eyes and said goodbye to both of us.

It's been a year since then, I still feel that as if it happened yesterday only. Well time flies and I hope so are these memories. But the best part was, after everything happened, me and harris were invited by our president. He praised harris and to me too but not for my involvement in the matter but because I was involved in the birth of harris. Now I learn programming and ethical hacking from harris on a daily basis. And guess what, I don’t hate silicon a lot now. 

Your mother must be very proud of you harris. Love u my son. Proud to be a father-cum mother of your’s. 



Disclaimer: This is a fictional story that could potentially be real. Although this approach does not correspond to the usual behavior of terrorist groups, since they are mostly looking for the public. It remains to be noted that the terrorist group is letting the Islamic state have the knowledge and resources to harm people in this way. In reality, such an attack on the President of the United States would not be possible. All acting persons and groupings are fictional or their actions do not correspond to reality. Any connection to natural persons is purely coincidental.

1: An car could get hacked by wrong code, but this won't be practical for an hacker, because there are not a lot of updates, so the much easier way is to just insert wrong data (make sure it is unlinked) or to manipulate the car by adding an other sensor.

2: There are multiple possible ways, how an mail can be prevented, from being sendet. A Hacker could hack the mail server and just change some settings or he could also manipulate the victims network.

3: Anti virus apps can only search for already known viruses and virus fragments. It can happen, that the work of an security watchdog and anti-virus app gets interrupted, wich is mostly caused by to much data in the ram or by an zip bomb. Each process has a parent process which, among other things, manages the memory location from the required data. However, these essential presenters, like all processes, are limited in duration and may crash, resulting in either data loss or problems with clearing the RAM. But it can also happen that only because of a time exception, data is out of date, which actually has to be up-to-date, because it is used by a subordinate process. To correct this data, it makes sense to end the root process with the command sudo kill (pid). Please note, however, that you will finish the process normally. Zip bombs are nested zip files that are very small when compressed, but when opened, they become very large and can cause computer crashes. In order for anti-virus programs to be able to scan Zip files, they must also be decompressed, which is why I have decided to test whether Avira is still looking for viruses in a Zip-Bomb.


This article is for informational purposes only.


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