Killjoys is back | The warrior princess bride, my review | Season 4 Episode 1

The warrior princess bride - The newest killjoys episode serves a green firework of cool cold dutchness and offers „deep“ Science Fiction for hardcore fans of the genre. Dutch and her enemy from the last season, who we learned is her mother, are both still in the mind memory of the cortex, to fight the lady. Everything is covered in a beautiful green tone, wich looks fantastic in HDR, as HDR gives a lot of shape to the structures.

Throughout the episode, we learn more about the story of dutch and how she met John. The episode also offers an epic fight scene, but I don’t want to spoil you, so I am not going to say, between wich characters the fight is. There are also some new „ship“ jokes waiting in the episode for you. These jokes are mostly very cold and not that easy to understand. For an example, the ship told John, that it is „not very efficient that humans not always mean, what the say“.


I love the new episode for its fast and informative „storm“ of brutal direct storytelling and for its fantastic scene design. I also like the new characters, to who we get introduced in this episode. Im staying tuned to watch the next episodes!

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