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fehler 10:04:29.982658 +0200 contextstored Couldn't write value for key _DKThrottledActivityLast_DKKnowledgeStorageLogging_DKKnowledgeStorageDidInsertEventsNotification:/app/usageActivityDate in CFPrefsPlistSource<0x7fb75550e0c0> (Domain:, User: kCFPreferencesCurrentUser, ByHost: No, Container: (null), Contents Need Refresh: Yes): setting preferences outside an application's container requires user-preference-write or file-write-data sandbox access

This happened when I was testing an app that I tested, I was testing how the system would react, if I would inject much bigger data into an string. The reaction was that it exceeded the string and a watchdog automatically warned and stopped the app. The funny thing about this is, that the user interface actually does stop working and does get interrupted, by less important strings that are exceeding its own limit in the RAM.

func changetimer(){

        changeTimer = Timer.scheduledTimer(timeInterval: 2, target: self, selector: #selector(regonormal), userInfo: nil, repeats: false)

        //The code that came back was the following:

#memcantgetreserved If you look at the RAM block addresses, you can see that it always comes to the same blocks for hog. This so-called RAM hogging usually happens because processes can not agree with each other, which block they need, or how much storage space will be needed. In addition to the console activity, these hogs can usually also be recognized by the fact that the fan has to turn faster, because the CPU usually gets very warm during such hogs.


3.If one of the programs still running now wants to write data to the RAM, then it falsely writes it to the inactive data, because they do not have an end pointer and still have voltage on the circuits. Such crashes that occur due to too many processes are usually the result of a so-called CPU hogging, in which case the CPU only plays a secondary role, the cause being mostly the main memory and / or the CPU cache's. Because often it is enough that a single process has a runtime violation and is therefore reloaded into the CPU L1 cache, which under circumstances can lead to a domino effect due to the full storage space, which can thus lead to the failure of an entire system. Thanks to the cooperative schedulers of the CPU`s, processes can be executed simultaneously and the CPU does not have to wait until the process ends the runingtime by itself, this is basically good, but in practice too enormous delays and lead to (preferences may have changed) errors.


However, for this intelligent process management to work, the CPU has to perform so-called predictions, which in fact can often pose security vulnerabilities. In the past, Kane exploited such a vulnerability to smuggle in a Zip bomb containing a virus.




4. When accessing the data, of course, these do not correspond to the programmed specifications, resulting in a program or system crash.




―They brought a lot of new technology with them, including security locks were a certain key is needed. To get inside the Server Room and reach the computer, we need one of those keys―O`Brien says without taking her eyes off the two roads, picking the left one at the end and taking back her walking―. I remember some doctors with one of those keys hanging from their necks. They and the generals are the only ones I have saw with those keys, so the hospital is our best shot, I think.


Cooper catches all the information without losing sight nor alertness. Aiming the gun and their hope at anywhere O`Brien decides they should go to, they eventually find the door they are looking for.


―Is that one? ―asks Cooper, while staying in a corner behind O`Brien and trying to catch a better glance of the hospital’s door.

―Yes, it’s that one.


The door, as any other door in the immensity of The Flame, is not guarded, which takes O`Brien by surprise, without giving her any satisfaction. In fact, all it gives her is great doubt. From the outsides of the room, she can see through its windows the absence of the doctors, making her even doubt about what she saw earlier that day. Although, the room that was chosen to be the medical center of the menaces is far larger than what the windows make it seem, so she remains hopeful. She borrows some of Cooper’s hope and puts it at use.   

―What do we do now? ―an eager Cooper asks from her back.

―You should stay here and watch out. I’ll see if there is someone in there I can get the key from―while looking right into his eyes, afraid of not having the chance to do so again―. If I need you to make an intervention, I’ll make all the noise possible. It will be risky, but at least you can be sure that if you don’t hear me scream, it means I’m fine.


―Sure, sure―Cooper says, with some insecurity in the tone of his words. He doesn’t look at her, but tries his best to sound convincing, trying to make her feel the confidence he has about future events. 

memcantgetreserved | Xcode iOS runtime Stats, Swift
memory cant get reserved

This is the memory data:


    0x1063e8408 <+0>:  pushq  %rbp

    0x1063e8409 <+1>:  movq   %rsp, %rbp

    0x1063e840c <+4>:  subq   $0x18, %rsp

    0x1063e8410 <+8>:  callq  0x1063e8483               ; _pthread_wqthread

    0x1063e8415 <+13>: leave  

    0x1063e8416 <+14>: retq   

    0x1063e8417 <+15>: nop    

To make the app as efficient as possible, I decided to take a very simple graphic (a sombrero).




The advantage of this sombrero is that it has a reasonably flat surface. In short, all I had to do was position the outer edge and the mustache, farther forward, than the cylinder. I simply put the sombrero on a transparent cuboid, which I also used as a so-called physics body.




Physics Body: The physics body symbolizes the area in the game, which gives a signal that he was hit in a contact, with the Coke cans.




2.1.1: Money in the world:




The dollar signs are actually only letters that I have shown in 3D and you can click.


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