Druck abbauen | Cant reserve memory

Memory cant get reserved
Memory cant get reserved

Moderen Server und Computer benutzen meist Wasserkühlungssyteme für die Kühlung der CPU, doch diese haben eine grosse Schwachstelle und dies ist erhörter Druck, der zum Beispiel auftreten kann, wenn die CPU bereits sehr warm ist, aber die Pumpe zu langsam ist, entsteht so nämlich Wasserdampf, welcher den Druck in den Kühlungsröhrchen massiv erhöht. Wenn ein CPU Hog geschieht, dann ist es typisch, dann es auch zu erhöhter Hitze, also mehr Kühlungsaktivität kommt. Da bei starker und plötzlicher Auslastung der Platz im RAM unter Umständen sehr begrenzt sein kann, springt der Kühler verspätet an.


Solche Abstürze die durch zu viele Prozesse passieren, sind meist folge von einem sogenannten CPU hogging, wobei hierbei die CPU nur eine Nebenrolle spielt, den die Ursache ist meist der Arbeitsspeicher und/oder die CPU Cache`s. Denn häufig reicht es schon, dass ein einzelner Prozess eine Laufzeitübertretung hat und deshalb in den CPU L1 Cache zurückgeladen wird, was Unterumständen aufgrund von dem vollen Speicherplatz zu einem Dominoeffekt führen kann, der somit zum Ausfall eines ganzen Systems führen kann. Dank den kooperativen Schedulern von den CPU`s , können Prozesse auch simultan ausgeführt werden und die CPU muss nicht mehr so lange warten, bis der Prozess die Runingtime von selber beendet bzw. aufgibt, dies ist zwar grundsätzlich gut, kann aber in der Praxis zu enormen Verzögerungen und zu ( preferences may have changed) Fehlern führen. 


Hier kannst du eine solche simulierte Situation sehen:

Process:         fseventsd [54]

Path:            /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/FSEvents.framework/Versions/A/Support/fseventsd

Load Address:    0x1065fc000

Identifier:      fseventsd

Version:         ??? (???)

Code Type:       x86_64 (Native)

Parent Process:  launchd [1]

Responsible:     /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/FSEvents.framework/Versions/A/Support/fseventsd [54]

User ID:         0


Date/Time:       2018-08-14 22:38:04.693 GMT+2

OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.13.5 (17F77)

Report Version:  8



MetaData: {"platform-policy":true,"rootless-flags":128,"rootless-class":"com.apple.rootless.storage.nsurlsessiond","errno":1,"summary":"deny(1) file-read-metadata /private/var/folders/7m/cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn/0/com.apple.nsurlsessiond/E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377/EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3/tasks.plist","primary-filter":"path","uid":501,"normalized_target":["private","var","folders","7m","cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn","0","com.apple.nsurlsessiond","E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377","EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3","tasks.plist"],"action":"deny","process":"fseventsd","path":"/private/var/folders/7m/cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn/0/com.apple.nsurlsessiond/E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377/EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3/tasks.plist","rdev":0,"flags":21,"platform-binary":true,"vnode-type":"REGULAR-FILE","build":"Mac OS X 10.13.5 (17F77)","profile-flags":0,"signing-id":"com.apple.fseventsd","process-path":"/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/FSEvents.framework/Versions/A/Support/fseventsd","pid":54,"operation":"file-read-metadata","platform_binary":"yes","target":"/private/var/folders/7m/cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn/0/com.apple.nsurlsessiond/E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377/EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3/tasks.plist","profile":"platform","primary-filter-value":"/private/var/folders/7m/cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn/0/com.apple.nsurlsessiond/E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377/EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3/tasks.plist","hardware":"Mac


Thread 11 (id: 663417):

0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        0x00007fff5636ea1e __psynch_cvwait + 10

1   fseventsd                     0x000000010660489f

2   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff56536661 _pthread_body + 340

3   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff5653650d _pthread_body + 0

4   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff56535bf9 thread_start + 13


Thread 12 (id: 663418):

0   libsystem_kernel.dylib        0x00007fff5636ea1e __psynch_cvwait + 10

1   fseventsd                     0x000000010660489f



3   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff5653650d _pthread_body + 0

4   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff56535bf9 thread_start + 13


4   libsystem_pthread.dylib       0x00007fff56535bf9 thread_start + 13


Binary Images:

    nd","E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377","EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3","tasks.plist"],"action":"deny","process":"fseventsd","path":"/private/var/folders/7m/cb8shz9x711814f445p2ynx40000gn/0/com.apple.nsurlsessiond/E8C9768780A371F36651AB699D884E881706B377/EA5E0904933000EE2269A9EC0D352CCA1788E7D3/tasks.plist","rdev":0,"flags":21,"platform-binary":true,"vnode-type":"REGULAR-FILE","build":"Mac OS X 10.13.5 (17F77)","profile-flags":0,"signing-


Diese Logs sind meistens deshalb auffallend, weil sie ähnliche Treadhs mit mutierten Resultaten enthalten.


In dem folgenden Abschnitt kannst du lesen, was die Folgen von einem Überdruck sein können:


Once he sees them getting up, he goes for it, even before Pepper noticing, even before Pepper managing to close the door and keep them safe from the horde of menaces. When she turns, it’s too late. When she turns, she wishes she had been faster and more alert, wishing to not have to see him like this. She wishes for Cooper not to be the hero, for as he finds a way to be able to move enough and throw himself into the now three armed unexpected menaces, shots from inside the room are heard. Pepper is left without words or moves by Cooper’s recklessness once again, but finding out something along the lines of his acts beside the conceptual pain the events give to her. Something different about the way he pulls out those punches to the far better capacitated menaces now playing with him. There is no recklessness in his acts, for rage is not bursting out of him. There is no frown in him. All there is in him is determination and commitment, for we knew this time would have come. Pepper stares at a Cooper throwing all the punches and kicks he has left, all the punches and kicks able to run out of his limbs, as she understands. His time, his sacrifice has come. Several shots reach him, and this time, they get to most of his torso, making him toss without any regret. He takes himself to his limits as he tries to figure them with each punch he places in the nearly knocked out menaces not as powerful as the ones outside trying their best to get in the Server Room somehow. Blood spills from him, and guns run out of bullets to spit. Some fly out, missing him. Some others, most of them, find their way into Cooper’s organism, making him scream in pain multiple time, making tears fly out of Pepper’s eyes as her possible actions become worthless. He struggles, alone. He crumbles against a rack, alone. He gets ready to jump out of the edge, alone, but making himself sure of taking as many menaces with him as he can. All the emotions that fuel the love for his people is certainly pumping faster than ever, rooting to every component of the equation, making the hatred for the separatists and the menaces in, as well as the care and admiration of the bravery he has for the ones he loves most. All those emotions, finally make peace with his mind, making him think straight and powerfully, not letting a single step go to waste. That is how you win wars, he thinks, only to discover it by himself. He takes the rack full of heavy hardware and foreign technology he pushed himself into in order of the dodging of their last but not enough bullets and throws it at their final human rivals, who with a simple look of surprise and amazement, are crushed under the weight of their own inventions, producing a silence. The sweetest silence. The silence the hope told them about. Cooper has the longest sigh he has ever pulled out of his lungs and stands for a couple of seconds next to the tomb of his last enemies as their blood begins to be seen from the immediate outsides of the fallen and damaged hardware. He closes his eyes and faces the ceiling, trying to take a strong grip of that peace he finally gets to breathe. It is too fast, but he can’t help it. The moment where he gets to breathe has come, and we won’t miss it for nothing. Pepper, with one of the fallen pieces of the hardware spread on the floor, hits the tabloids and displays of the lock’s tech, letting some spark go off and putting it out of service, making it impossible for another key to do what Markus’ did. Keys that opened doors, keys that brought closure. Keys that took him to his goal, there where the only goal reached that night was the one of not only just two people, but an entire colony, an entire town, and entire entity of their own. The Elysionians are found in the finally calmed breathing of Cooper, who with the weak and barely existent steps, approaches the fixed main computer of The Flame. A fixed heart, ready to be broken again. Over the remaining of the useless pile hardware trying to keep Cooper away from Pepper, there is the latter not letting it succeed. She does what she has to, but no longer for her people or for her goal, but for herself. For her need to get close and touch Cooper one last time. Se struggles and falls a couple times, but the mountains have already been climbed. The obstacles are nothing but a memory in their minds and bodies. Pepper gets next to Cooper and reaches for his hand without looking at him, for they both stare at the immense screen displaying the overall town. They witness its downfall. They witness how the menaces walk, run and drive from there to there, getting into houses, getting into the people’s privacy and stripped off warmth of their homes. They witness how a belief far different from theirs does what it wants with the ones under them. They are meant to feel disgusted, like they have felt in the past once their eyes were forced to watch such things. They are meant to feel the rage once again. They are meant to need some more vent, but blankness of the mind has reached both of them. Cooper never pictured it that way, but now he knows that he wasn’t supposed to force that blankness in him at all, he was supposed to harvest it all along, make it grow inside him, until it managed to bloom out in the middle of all horrors, for they will always be there, waiting for him to let the guards down and take it from him. But now, that blankness feels warm. Pepper’s hands feels warm once again as they bot witness the festival of mosquito beast still hovering around the town, waiting for his signal, for a passport, for a purpose. Cooper lets a smile in his face, and one tear falls over it. How beautiful of it, how beautiful. As Cooper gets out of his pocket the nitrogen spray he desperately tried to keep with him all this time, he witnesses their downfall, but he already burned it, he already avenged it, we already got over it.

Dieser Text ist ein Ausschnitt aus meinem Buch „Chance of Elysion“



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Chance of Elysion | There is only one step at a time, so Cooper manages to find some relief knowing that there is only one intruder.  Still, the unknown whereabouts of O`Brien keep him at the edge, making him lean some more out of his hideout towards the
Me with my book | Chance of Elysion | There is only one step at a time, so Cooper manages to find some relief knowing that there is only one intruder. Still, the unknown whereabouts of O`Brien keep him at the edge, making him lean some more out of his hi

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TRAPPIST-1 E is a new chance for humanity and scientists finally found a way how to reach that place. In Elysion town they build the first human colony outside of earths star- system. But shortly before arriving on TRAPPIST-1 E, they meet an old friend: Greed and Hate. There is an explosion on the colony ship and on the planet the colony is repeatedly attacked for no reason by traitors, the separatists. When the Separatists send an encrypted signal to Earth, the mayor of Elysion Town, Cooper, begins the rescue of the colony from which they fled from Earth. Can humanity change or is this its nature? Cooper needs to rescue his daughter Sophie from the hands of the separatists and wants to keep her, as well as her little sister Shannon, from suddenly becoming a copy of the destroyed and exploited first earth.

Chance of Elysion | An event like this was supposed to happen. A revolution is always waiting to explode. | TRAPPIST-1 E is a new chance for humanity and scientists finally found a way how to reach that place. In Elysion town they build the first human co
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